Home NEWS President-elect Lai names former DPP chair Cho Jung-tai as premier

President-elect Lai names former DPP chair Cho Jung-tai as premier

President-elect Lai names former DPP chair Cho Jung-tai as premier


President-elect Lai Ching-te announced Cho Jung-tai as his choice for new premier in the incoming government during a news conference April 10 in Taipei City.
Lai said that Cho, who previously served as chair of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, is known for his communication skills and has a history of prioritizing public interests ahead of individual or party differences.
Cho is familiar with central and local government issues, as well as administrative and legislative operations, Lai said, citing examples such as his experience as the secretary-general of the Executive Yuan, a legislator and a Taipei City councilor. He also played a key role in drafting the National Project of Hope proposed during the presidential campaign and knows the new administration’s policy blueprint well, Lai added.
According to Lai, the new Cabinet must be active and innovative to respond to the expectations of the people, giving top priority to issues that the government and opposition parties agree are beneficial to the country and society. Finding consensus on other policies should be undertaken with the assistance of a communication platform that can solicit public opinions.
The president-elect went on to encourage the new Cabinet to improve economic development and take care of disadvantaged groups, without losing focus on enhancing campus, cyber and public security and ensuring safety in construction; food preparation, processing and handling; and traffic. He additionally mentioned his hopes that post-disaster reconstruction in eastern Taiwan following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck earlier this month will be completed on schedule.
Following Lai’s appointment, Cho announced additional Cabinet members later the same day. Cheng Li-chiun, minister of culture from 2016 to 2020, was named as the new vice premier; Kung Ming-hsin, the incumbent minister of the National Development Council, was appointed Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan; and Chen Shi-kai, spokesperson for Lai’s presidential campaign, will become the EY spokesperson. (YCH-E)
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