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China is not dead yet

China is not dead yet

Uwe Parpart discusses the idea that great powers tend to become more aggressive when they fear a decline in their power and influence on the global stage, arguing that efforts to American destabilize China have largely failed. On the contrary, China is overcoming challenges such as property market woes and unemployment as it transitions to higher technology industries.

A buyers’ panic doesn’t make a rally

David P. Goldman highlights recent developments in the Chinese stock market and provides insights into the factors influencing its performance. Despite concerns about China’s financial stability, particularly regarding the housing market, Goldman highlights the resilience of bank stocks and suggests that the rally in these stocks indicates a more positive outlook.

German energy supply to be based on gas

Diego Faßnacht details the German government’s recently announced plan to shift its basic energy supply to gas until the end of the 2030s, despite recent challenges and controversies in the energy sector. Following the phase-out of nuclear energy and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, the decision underscores the government’s commitment to its energy goals, however misguided. 

A leadership divided in Ukraine

James Davis sees the conflict in Ukraine as characterized by Moscow pursuing a strategy of attrition while Ukrainian forces focus on defensive measures. Looking ahead, Kiev aims to showcase resilience through high-profile strikes while creating challenges for President Putin ahead of his re-election bid.

The looming conflict over 6G

Scott Foster forecasts that US politicians’ consistent attacks on China and Huawei’s success in overcoming sanctions indicate a likely shift in focus to 6G technology, with US politicians likely to seek to exclude Chinese companies from participating in European 6G projects and the development of 6G standards.

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